Monthly Archives: May 2009

Ambassador of the Year Award

I was very stunned and proud at the same time receiving the Scottsdale Ambassador of the Year Award last week! I have done much charity work in and around Scottsdale and don’t think twice if I ever win anything or not. It is my passion to help out where I can.

During the year, I have volunteered for the Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce, Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts, the Kerr Cultural Center, the Scottsdale Cultural Council, Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Gabriel’s Angels, the Center Against Sexual Assault, the Special Olumpics, and the Scottsdale Boys and Girls Clubs. It is a joy for me to participate in these organizations and I thank all who voted for me!

New! Real Estate Cyber Tips Monthly Newsletter

I am pleased to announce a new regular feature here on my blog. I am an affiliate of the Cyber Real Estate Tips site. Please visit often here as it

has many useful and valuable tips and tricks related ot real estate.

We will be posting the montly links up at the top tab called “Cyber Real Estate.”

To see the May 2009 issue click here.