Monthly Archives: September 2015

The New Norm

Okay, I am back!

I continue to be in the NEW NORM (on retreat for the rest of my life!!!!).

Saying that often keeps the brain reframed to a total, different point of view and ATTITUDE of what I am thinking and how I am acting in the NOW mode. It relaxes me and helps me to be less stressful.

NO MATTER WHAT IS GOING ON IN MY PRESENCE. I KNOW THAT IS MY NEW LAUGHTER YOGA EXERCISE…… It is called the brain reframe! HOHOHAHAHAHEHE…..I have learned so much, these last eight weeks……I will be adding new exercises to my app……So download it to your smart phone or read about it on my BLOG. say LIFE IS GOOD!! AND WHAT HAVE I LEARNED FROM THE LIFE EXPERIENCE OF 3 MINUTES AGO?