Mary Christmas (really!)

Well you can guess that I have no problem with people remembering who I am!

I began an interest in real estate when I first was married. I wanted to know about the dealings it took to buy a house.  While I studied I became interested in helping others buy their houses. As time progressed so did my interest in commercial and business and teaching. As years pased I found myself well entrenched in teaching people to create their lifestyle through their purchase of their homes, businesses, commercial investments, For example I helped with marketing and selling a subdivision in Cheyene, Wyo. After that was sold out Resales took place.  I was exited with the negotiating, and all details of The Deal. I began to study commercial transactions, I taught commercial investing for a while and than I became the Time Share Queen.  Owned Many and traveled the world through them. I wrote a few pamplets regarding investing in real estate and a lifestyle.

I have an AA in Real Estate. I am an EMS, RECS,  Realtor, past FIABSCI member. 1031 Eagle, ACE, and Path Finder Recipient I specialize in 1031 Tax Deferred Properties. I am president of the Valley of the Sun Real Estate Exchangers and a member of the National Council of Exchangors and Real Estate Cyberspace Society. I belong to the Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce and am a volunteer Ambassador. I have been Ambassador of the month for the last 9 months. I really enjoy this membership and community minded group.