Autism Awareness Event Follow up

A Great time was had by all.
Many children enjoyed the games, book reading, coloring contests, pumpkin and apple decorating, learning a new team dance from coach Mary, and indentification finger printing for safety reasons. Early in the morning the opportunity to watch or fly fish casting was available. It is not as easy as it looks. Prizes and gifts were given to many of the attendees.
Ginger Snap cookies were the Birthday Treats. Lots of ice cold water was available for everyone on the very warm 95 degree sunny day. The day was beautiful and the park was the perfect place to celebrate Birthdays and educate the world with some facts about autism.
We look forward to enjoying another community envolvement with citizens who care about having fun with the family and learning about issues that are important to the communities.
Our thanks to you who attended and those of you who worked to present this Free Community Awareness Day.

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