October Update

Changing the body, mind, brain, nervous, emotional environments, have proven to be a lovely experience. I have been on retreat since June of this year 2015. I am planning to be on retreat for the rest of my life. Wow, What an awakening!!!!!!. I will let you know how things are progressing with the Laughter Yoga (with deep breathing), Putting all the new material I have learned these last few months, into a daily routine has been an eye opener.

I will keep you all posted with a bi-monthly post on the blog and USTREAM and the lol app. Stay tuned. The secrets to happy, healthy, and joyous are just around the corner. Have a Great Halloween. heheehehahaha Namaste

One Response to October Update

  1. Be open for change and excitement, when you use the laughter with deep breathing exercises from the getmylol.com app or if you haven’t downloaded the app
    Check out some of the YouTube laughter yoga exercises.

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