Time to move on

The Presidential Race is over and a new regime will reside in the White House. Remember citizens of the United States of America You want change …That is the agenda you got your foot in the door. NOW MAKE IT HAPPEN  YES IT CAN. Dear 40 year olds get off the BUTS and BUTTS and make it happen. Now is the test of the pudding. I am sure you have what it takes. With your new technology and numbers …The synergy should be high. Use that talent, love, respect, and leadership and show us how you will do it  JUST DO IT YOU CAN, YOU WILL, YOU MUST We are counting on you. NOW NOT LATER TODAY NOT TOMORROW TIME IS IMPORTANT AND PRECIOUS My special thoughts go out to Senator McCain and his family. What a PRINCE OF A MAN . There should be a special AWARD  for you. You are so very special…….Thank-you for all you have done and will do ..Blessings to you and the Palin Family WOW  you all are great.

Wishing you all the happiest coming holidays
Mary Christmas

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